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Today is what is known in Christian circles as ‘Palm Sunday.’ It is so called because of the events that are reported in the gospel under the topic, “The Triumphal entry into Jerusalem. Our focus for today will be the words of the Lord Jesus as recorded in verses 2 and 3 of Matthew 21 where we read, “…Go unto the village, over against you, and straightway ye shall find an ass tied; and a colt with her: loose them and bring them unto me. And if any man say ought unto you, ye shall say, the Lord hath need of them; and straightway he will send them.”


In this story there are three principal characters or personalities involved. The first, of course is the Lord Jesus, who is giving the instructions; the second group of personalities are the disciples, who are to carry out the instruction; and the third is the individual or group of individuals referred to as “any man”


We will now attempt to make this relevant to us all. You and I are in the position of the disciples here. Our assignment is to ensure that the will of the Lord is done, just like it was, in this account, for the disciples.


However, just like the passage says, there is the possibility of a man – an agent of the devil, to try to stop or hinder us from carrying out the will of God.


How and when does this man move into action? He moves into action every time that he sees someone trying to carry out the will, the plan and the purpose of God.


This begins with your individual self. When, for example, upon hearing a touching message about giving your heart and life to the Lord, so He can become your Lord and Savior and you then become born again. He will challenge you and say, “Why do you want to do that? You will lose so and so if you do that.”


If and when you succeed in saying to him, “The Lord hath need of me” and consequently yield your life to the Lord, he will be waiting down the road for you.


Whenever the Lord asks you to give him something – your time, your tithes, your offerings, your privileges, your comfort etc; he will show up again and tell you, “You can’t do that. If you do so, this and this will happen to you.” Your reply must be the same – “The Lord hath need of me.”


The best that the present life can offer are those things listed in verse 29 – houses, wife, children… The best that heaven offers is everlasting life. Praise the Lord!


The point here is that Jesus sent His disciples who themselves had passed the test, by saying the ‘any man’ – ‘the Lord hath need of me. I want to suggest to you my dear friend, that the people that God uses to command the devil and his cohorts to take their hands off destinies that have been tied down are those who themselves have passed this test.


The ass and the colt here represent individuals with great destinies, face, notoriety, accomplishments who are being tied down: If it were in this day and age, the ass and the colt in this story would sell for, big money on e-bay. After all, they were the ‘limousine’ that the Lord Jesus Christ, the King of kings, the Messiah of Israel and the world rode on.


But you see they were being tied down. This is much the same way as some people, who are destined to achieve great things are being tied down. They have been identified, they have been located, they have been situated for major breakthrough, deliverance, victorious and promotion. But they are being tied down.


If that is you, today, is your day of deliverance. You see this day, was the day of deliverance for the ass and the colt. It was not just deliverance from being tied down, it was deliverance from being irrelevant in God’s scheme of things. That is exactly what happens to this ass and the colt.


You will notice that after the disciples loosed the ass and the colt, they did not leave them wandering all over town. We read in verse 7 of Matthew 21, “And brought the ass and the colt and put on them their clothes, and they set him thereon.”


Two things took place here, if you were careful enough to observe as you read. First, is that the disciples took of their own clothes and put them on the ass and colt. This was a mark of great honor for the ass and colt. They were decorated for the use of the master.


I prophesy over you, dear reader that people will decorate you in preparation for the use of the master.


The second thing that took place was that the disciples “.. set Him thereon. “Him” there of course, refers to the Lord Jesus Christ; what a great honor for the ass and the colt.


The fact that it was a great honor is underscored by the fact that for sure, they were not the only asses and colts in town that had never been ridden and were tied down.


But that day was their day of deliverance and breakthrough. My friend, I believe that today is you day of deliverance and breakthrough. Amen and Amen in the name of Jesus.


The ass and colt consequently moved from bondage and total obscurity to freedom and notoriety. I believe this will be your experience together with your loved ones, in this month of




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