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Guaranteed Victory

By the grace of God we have entered and nearing the end Month of March 2017!

For those of you that don’t know by now, March is our month of victory. In observing this theme, we are collectively sojourning in the book of Joshua.

So far we have witnessed how God led Joshua and the children of Israel crossing the Jordan in chapter 3.

God guaranteed Joshua that His presence will be with him and as a result, the miracle of crossing the Jordan on dry ground came to pass. (Joshua 3:5-7, 17)

Read the following chapters and consider the following:

Chapter 6: Israel’s victory at Jericho

Why did the wall of Jericho fall?

Chapter 7: After the victory at Jericho, Israel was defeated at Ai.

What caused their defeat at Ai?

Why was the anger of the Lord kindled against the children of Israel.

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